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Dr Shaun Richardson Osteopath


Dr Shaun Richardson

B.Sci (Clin.Sci) M.H.S (Osteo)


Shaun is a passionate and enthusiastic osteopath who strongly believes in maximising patients' potential. He strives to motivate people to improve their health, and focuses upon improving the efficiency of their movements.


Coming from a sporting background, he has a special interest in managing sports injuries. He has significant experience in gait analysis, biomechanics and footwear. He works with all populations (office workers, tradespeople, young and old) to improve mobility, promote postural awareness and build strength. He enjoys creating exercise rehabilitation programs for people, to minimise the chance of injuries recurring (we can also take patients into a gym to show how to exercise safely).


Shaun has undertaken further study in Dry Needling (Manual Medicine Australia), Biomechanical Assessment of Athletes (New York Sports Medicine) Medical Management and Diagnoses of Hip Injuries (Epworth/Complete Sports Care) and Functional Movement (The Functional Movement Group). Both Shaun and Claire continue to undertake professional development courses regularly.


When not at work, Shaun plays basketball, and enjoys camping with Claire and his mates in his ancient four wheel drive. 


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Dr Claire Richardson Osteopath


Dr Claire Richardson

B.Sci (Clin.Sci) M.H.S (Osteo)


Claire is an experienced osteopath who loves consulting with a wide variety of patients, including children*, tradespeople, desk workers, pregnant women and older people. Claire has a particular interest in assisting with headaches and TMJ dysfunction (Jaw pain) as well as chronic and complex pain. 


Claire firmly believes in the importance of patient understanding regarding their condition. Claire aims to empower those who consult with her to take control of their condition by understanding what it is, and why it’s there. Claire utilises a wide variety of treatment interventions to get the best results for her patients.


Claire has undertaken further study in the field of chronic and complex pain, and aims to assist those with chronic (longstanding) pain through pain education and team care strategies. 


Claire has been active in the media, and on behalf of Osteopathy Australia, has written blogs and commentary on many topics surrounding musculoskeletal health. See our Blog and Media section for more info.


Claire has a firm emphasis on evidenced based therapy, and as such, has undertaken further study of evidence based interventions in many areas.


These include: Explaining the neuroscience of complex and chronic pain (Beyond mechanical pain), Dry Needling (Manual Medicine Australia), Management of Tendon injuries (Complete Sports Care), Biomechanical Assessment of Athletes (New York Sports Medicine), Functional Movement (The Functional Movement Group) and Ergonomic Risk assessment (Corporate Work Health Australia).


When Claire isn’t working, she’s begging Shaun to allow them to get a pet dog, or fawning over the next delicious recipe she’s planning to cook


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Claire and Shaun also enjoy presenting seminars to groups of interested parties (such as gym trainers or clients), on topics such as pain, assessment and function. Please contact Chadstone Region Osteopathy if you would like to enquire about organising a seminar.


Dr Kym Sayers Osteopath 

Dr Kym Sayers

B.Sci (Clin.Sci) M.H.S (Osteo)


Dr Kym Sayers is a kind, experienced Osteopath. Kym has serviced the Berwick community for 6 years and has recently joined Chadstone Region Osteopathy.


Kym is passionate about enhancing her patient's health, and is particularly interested in neck pain, back pain, sporting injuries and geriatrics. 


Like all of our Osteopaths, Kym is constantly updating her skill set, and has completed further education in the Osteopathic approach to Gerontology, Advanced Kinesiotaping (as seen on pro tennis players), Advanced Gait analysis, Obstetrics and the effect of pregnancy on biomechanics and posture, Ergonomic risk assessment and Dry needling.


Kym is knowledgeable in all areas of injury prevention and will ensure you have a firm understanding of the reason that your complaint is present, and what you can do at home to improve your recovery.


Kym has a special interest in the role that stress and anxiety may play in musculoskeletal conditions, and as such, volunteers her time at the Royal Children's Hospital to take part in their Animal Therapy program with her cavoodle, Billy.


In her spare time, she enjoys walking Billy, causing Claire a great deal of jealousy.


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