COVID-19 Hygiene Procedures | Chadstone Region Osteopathy

COVID-19 Hygiene Procedures

As healthcare providers, our only priority is your health & wellbeing. Unfortunately when providing face-to-face consultations, we cannot eliminate all risk. We ask all patients to show care for each other, and your osteopaths, and stay at home if you are at all feeling unwell.

Listed below are the efforts our osteopaths have implemented to reduce the risk of viral transmission within our clinics:

    • Screening of all patients prior to their appointment asking about their health, any symptoms they may have (fever, cough etc), their exposures and risks, to ensure that only healthy patients are entering the clinic.
    • Requesting all patients wash hands on arrival – your osteopath is already doing this, and they will show you to the relevant sinks
    • Providing hand sanitiser at reception and in the treatment rooms – please use it! 
    • All patients and staff to be wearing face masks to minimise droplet spread.
    • Removal of linen that may hold onto viral particles – bare vinyl is much easier to thoroughly clean between every single patient.
    • Scheduling additional time between patients to allow for cleaning and sanitising of ALL surfaces in the treatment room and around reception / waiting area (treatment table, desks, computer equipment, door handles, payment terminals etc)
    • Having additional time between patients also reduces cross over in waiting rooms – you won’t have to sit and wait in a shared space, you’ll go straight in and straight out from your appointment. If you arrive to your appointment early, please wait in your car until your scheduled appointment time.
    • Contactless payment methods available and preferred.

If you have any concerns at all please do not hesitate to call us and discuss prior to your appointment.

These have been launched as of 28/3/2020 and allow us to conduct video consultations whereby we can discuss, assess, and provide all of the advice you would normally receive from your osteopath. We can provide exercise programs, implement treatment plans and self-management strategies, everything except the hands-on work (but we can teach you ways to do that yourself too!)