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Easter Health Tips

Easter is upon us! 

Whilst Easter, for those who celebrate, is a time of family, it’s also a time of food – yummy, indulgent, food. 

Easter eggs, hot cross buns, lamb roasts, fish and chips are all often on the menu over the weekend. Families, especially those with small children, can often end up with a year’s supply of chocolate stockpiled in their cupboards upon Easter morning. 

Whilst indulgence is lovely, communal and fun, excess can leave you feeling exhausted, tired and bloated, which is the last thing you want after 4 days off work!

Here are some tips from three Osteopaths who definitely don’t always adhere to them, but try their best anyway.

  • Divide and conquer. If you have ended up with the above mentioned year’s supply of the good stuff, divide it into smaller portions. Allow one portion per week/month/agreed time frame, and put the rest somewhere out of sight and hard to get to! A good idea is to get the family member with the best willpower to hide the excess chocolate somewhere and not tell the chocoholics of the house where it is, and only bring out an agreed amount at agreed upon times. 
  • Sharing is caring! Have a stockpile of leftover hot cross buns and chocolate eggs? Use this recipe to create a fancy bread and butter pudding to take to work for morning tea on Tuesday. Your colleagues will love you and you won’t be tempted to eat the lot yourself! https://nadialim.com/recipe/chocolate-hot-cross-bun-butter-pudding/
  • You have 4 days off in a row!! What a fantastic opportunity to spend time with the family and do something active! Get the family together, rug up, grab your thermos and head out for a day trip to some of our stunning forests for a bush walk or picnic. See how many different bird calls you can hear, smell the mountain air, jump in puddles in your gumboots! Claire and Shaun’s favourite bushwalks are from Grant’s picnic ground in Sherbrooke Forest, or Green’s bush track in Red hill, but Lysterfield Lake is also pretty and easily accessible.
  • Pay attention to serving sizes. Whilst that bag of mini eggs might look small, the amount of sugar and energy contained in the packet is likely to be equivalent to a whole day’s requirements. Read the packet – everything in moderation!
  • Drink plenty of water. Water will help you to stay full and hydrated, which helps your willpower when the 3pm munchies hit and that 5th hot cross bun is in reaching distance!
  • Add plenty of veggies. If you’re whipping up a weekend roast – over cater on the delicious roast veggies. The leftovers can be used in salads, whizzed up in soup, as crudites with dip – and are a yummy option for hungry tummies raiding the fridge for a snack. 

Claire, Shaun and Ainslie hope you have a fantastic, happy and safe Easter. See you after the break!