How We Can Help You In The Long Term | Chadstone Region Osteopathy

Ahh, That’s Better…What Next?

Following your consultation, your Osteopath will discuss ways in which you can manage your condition at home, stretches or exercises that may be beneficial, lifestyle modifications that will improve recovery time, and other pearls of wisdom for greater general health.

Our goal will never be to have you return regularly for “maintenance” treatments. We will not put you on payment plans, or hassle you to bring your entire family in. We want to help you with your symptoms of pain and dysfunction, and teach you how to prevent recurrent episodes.

We are lucky to work with some very educated and experienced people who can assist in making our treatment effective and long-lasting.


The General Practitioners in Oakleigh are available 6 days a week and can assist our patients with further tests, medications or specialist referrals if required. They can also create Enhanced Primary Care / Chronic Disease Management Care Plans.


Our in-house naturopaths offer our patients an obligation free 15min discussion to see how they can help. Nutritional support can help with managing inflammation, gastro-intestinal health, hormonal balance, and much more.


In-house podiatrist Michelle Moyle of Integrated Podiatry can provide biomechanical assessments and custom orthotics, as well as foot/nail care including corns, calluses, wound management and nail surgery.

Personal Training:

They can provide a free trial session, no obligation, and work closely with us on injury management and rehabilitation. 1 on 1 training, or small groups.

We are now able to offer 1 on 1 Osteopathic Consultations, within the Vital Habits personal training studio!!! We have full use of their space and equipment, and can show you how to safelyreturn to (or begin!) an exercise program, taking into account your injury.