Keep our Emergency rooms free for those who need them – Our Osteo's can treat acute pain! | Chadstone Region Osteopathy

Keep our Emergency rooms free for those who need them – Our Osteo’s can treat acute pain!

🚑 It’s more important than ever before to keep our Emergency Rooms available to those who need them! 🚑

Did you know that our Osteopaths are able to assess acute pain?
The Australian Physiotherapy Association has today raised a very valid point – right now, it’s imperative that we keep hospitals free and accessible to the sick, and offer thorough and appropriate care elsewhere for patients who are experiencing musculoskeletal pain.

Musculoskeletal pain (coming from muscles, ligaments, bones, joints or nerves) can be assessed, diagnosed, advised upon and treated by Osteopaths or Physiotherapists, even if it’s very sore, or a very new injury.
If you have a soft tissue injury (sprain or strain), or have back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches or a sports injury, keep the emergency room free for serious illness and give us a call instead.

At Chadstone Region Osteo, you can be confident in our ability to assess your pain. We will always try to accommodate acute, emergency appointments as quickly as possible with far less waiting than you would have at the hospital, and you are keeping hospital resources free for those who need them.