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Lower limb tendinopathy

Camberwell Osteopath Shaun Richardson spent the weekend brushing up on the most up to date evidence based treatment approaches for lower limb tendon injuries. Focusing specifically on treating stubborn hamstring, gluteal, patella and achilles tendons, the evidence for and against medical interventions were discussed, including manual therapy, injections, surgery, and exercise.
To say we have a clear understanding of all aspects of tendon pathology is a long way from the truth – we have much more to understand about what causes tendon structure to change, degenerate, become weaker, thicker, more vascular and more painful. We are starting to make progress though, with lots of trials showing positive response of tendons to load. The challenge now is, what kind of loads, how often, and how intense!

Our overall goal as osteopaths is always to reduce pain, and improve function. In the case of tendon pathologies, we assess for a base level of function within pain-tolerated limits, and develop a treatment and exercise plan from there to promote improved strength and capacity whilst managing and decreasing pain.

In the treatment room this generally involves the patient performing movements under increasing loads, looking to identify where strain is occurring (step ups, squats, calf raises etc). From there we can incorporate isometric, isotonic, and increasingly challenging exercises to help restore function.

We can perform manual therapy to help with pain and movement, discuss appropriate medications and referrals for imaging or injections if need be. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix.

However, the best evidence we have to help with tendon pathologies, is a guided personalised exercise rehabilitation program, completed over a slow and steady period. Our Osteopaths can help set your program, guide you through it, and using our exercise prescription software provide videos to ensure good technique. This software also allows you to provide feedback about difficulty, and pain, and us to adjust the program between visits if required.

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