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New Osteopath in Oakleigh – Dr Ainslie Morris

The latest addition to our team of Osteopaths in Oakleigh is Dr Ainslie Morris!

Oakleigh Osteopath Ainslie Morris

Ainslie is interested in helping all different types of people get back to moving pain free and living their best life. She aims to develop a plan with her clients to get them to reach their goals through education, exercising and empowering people to take control of their condition. She likes to use all different types of techniques, including soft tissue, articulation and manipulation or more gentle types of treatments depending on what the patient needs.


Growing up, Ainslie has been involved in a variety of sports, her favourites being rowing, soccer and basketball. Through this Ainslie has been driven to help others through her passion for the body. She likes to treat and prevent sporting injuries, chronic pain and posture related pain.


In her spare time Ainslie likes to eat breakfast at all the newest cafes, go for hikes along the coast or up the mountains and thinks herself as an amateur photographer.


Ainslie is available in our Oakleigh osteo clinic on Thursdays.