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Chadstone Region Osteopathy supports Movember!

Shaun Richardson


Shaun can’t grow much facial hair – he’s renowned for patchy travel beards, lazy stubble and a couple of very poor attempts at Movember.

He’s having another crack this year, hopefully growing a moustache glorious enough that people will consider donating to charity. He is going to need it help him feel better about the horror he sees in the mirror each day!

He’s definitely losing some husband points in this endeavor, so please get behind him and help him raise money for Movember, who can go on to support and develop research and programs in Mental Health, Prostate and Testicular Cancer. 

It’s ridiculous to think that the single biggest killer of men aged 15-45 is suicide. Together we can change this. If you see me, please laugh heartily at my filthy top lip, but be open to engaging a conversation about why men are struggling to see solutions other than taking their own life. Or, why being tested for prostate cancer is not necessarily an intrusive getting-to-know-you experience with your GP’s gloved fingers, and in fact is as simple as a blood test.

Let’s talk, because that’s where we can start to make some progress towards a happier, healthier society for everyone. 

Progress pics below!


“The Ostemopath”


Total raised for Movember 2018 – $560
Thanks for your support!!!!