Results Based Approach | Chadstone Region Osteopathy

We deliver results based treatments to help you get the most out of life!

Our Osteopaths use a combination of treatment methods, tailored specifically to each and every individual. Some people need a very gentle approach, some are looking for firm interventions!

These methods may include:

  • Massage (deep tissue, myofascial release etc)
  • Stretching muscles
  • Mobilising joints
  • Manipulation
  • Dry needling
  • Exercise rehab
  • Functional assessment and movement prescription
  • Pain education

A consultation with our osteopaths may consist of:

  • A discussion about your condition, and your health history
  • An physical examination of the area of pain or dysfunction, plus other related areas if needed
  • Hands-on treatment where indicated
  • Exercise assessment and prescription as required

Also, check out our blog  – “What does an Osteopath even do?” for further details.

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How do Osteopaths think?

We see each patient as an individual. Your management as planned by your Osteo will differ to someone else with the same complaint, taking into consideration work, lifestyle, activity levels, hobbies and everything else important in your life.

We love treating people from all age groups, and all walks of life.

Our principles of treatment focus on addressing not just the symptoms, but the underlying cause of your condition. We do not believe in getting patients back in week after week, performing the same massage, stretching or manipulation techniques. We want to educate patients on their condition, and offer ways to actually FIX the problem.

We enjoy the challenge of problem-solving difficult cases. We pride ourselves on being able to provide practical solutions to ongoing issues.

Our Osteopaths believe in a team approach to get the best result possible for our patients. We work closely with GP’s, massage therapists, podiatrists, psychologists plus many others, allowing you a smoother recovery.

We are firm believers that knowledge is power, and aim to educate you about all aspects of your complaint, including recovery time, ways you can modify aggravating behaviour, how pain affects us, and how to reduce your pain and recovery time at home.

Our Osteo’s hold both Bachelor and Masters Qualifications in Health Science (Osteopathy), are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are fully insured.

We are happy to discuss anything, just give us a call! Claire has written a number of blogs that may be worth checking out for more information.