Shaun Richardson's new hours, new clinic availability | Chadstone Region Osteopathy

Shaun Richardson’s new hours, new clinic availability

OSTEOPATH SHAUN RICHARDSON – Now available in Oakleigh, Carnegie and Camberwell.

“Well, it’s been an incredible 9 year tenure at Parkdale Osteopathic Clinic working alongside a great team of osteopaths and receptionists, and treating a wide variety of wonderfully friendly Parkdale locals.

Since starting my career as an Osteopath in 2012 as a fresh faced 22 year old, I have grown up a lot, occasionally grown a beard or moustache, and practiced my skills to the point where in 2015 I felt confident enough to start my own business with Claire.

This small side project of Chadstone Region Osteopathy in Camberwell has since turned into a second clinic in a medical centre in Oakleigh, and in 2020 to our first standalone clinic in Carnegie. As of August 2020 Claire and I will both be fully self employed, and we have created jobs for 4 other osteopaths as well which is extremely rewarding.

In September 2019 we also welcomed baby Sophie to our world, and I can’t wait to utilise the freedom of being self employed to be able to arrange our working hours so that both Claire and I get to spend plenty of time with her as she grows up. 

Whilst I am sure there are Parkdale locals who will miss me (and I’ll miss them!), there is a great team of Osteopaths there to step in and look after things – 2 of whom I employ myself (Ainslie & Tayla). They will take good care of everyone in my absence, and will have full access to all the detailed notes I’ve left over the years.

To Chris & the Parkdale Osteo team – Thank you so much for the opportunities you have presented me in my career, the support and guidance you have offered, the friendship, many late nights at Christmas parties, and your ongoing and mutual respect for each other as people, osteopaths and businesses. I wouldn’t be in this wonderful position of running my own business and team without the years of learning under your systems. Once this ugly coronavirus is behind us, I look forward to sharing a cold corona with you all 🙂 “