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Welcome Dr Millie (Osteo)!

Millie White is one of our fantastic Osteo’s at our new Carnegie clinic. In this blog she gives an overview of one of the more prevelant and annoying conditions that we see – headaches!


Hello Carnegie!!! It’s been a busy few weeks here. I am absolutely loving meeting all you lovely locals! The most common complaint I have seen over the last few weeks is headaches. As a fellow headache sufferer – I feel your pain!!


So what causes a headache?? Well that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?! There are so many different factors which can produce a headache and it’s our job to get to the bottom of what may be the cause. Some common causes include – posture, tight muscles in neck/back/jaw/chest, restricted joints in your neck or back, hormone imbalances, certain medications, dehydration … and the list goes on. 


What can an Osteopath do to assist your pain? 

Firstly we will take a thorough medical history to understand the ‘big picture’ and see what factors in your life may be influencing the headache. From there we will do some special tests to pinpoint the tissue causing your pain and ascertain if we are the best people to manage you. After some hands on treatment, we will send you home with strategies to help prevent the headaches also. 


What might treatment include? Most commonly, I see headaches relating to restrictions somewhere in the neck or jaw. My approach to treatment is to gently release muscular tension using massage and resisted stretching techniques. I also find spinal articulation and manipulation useful techniques to improve restrictions at the joint. Of course every person is different and my treatment will always be tailored to you and your specific complaint, preferences and goals. 


Hope to meet more of you lovely people soon!