Clinical Pilates

Time to get moving again? Recovering from an injury? Want to try pilates?

Osteopath Dr Caitlin Gill now providing 1-1 Clinical Pilates in Oakleigh

Clinical Pilates is a fantastic way to build strength, stability and mobility.

Osteopath Caitlin Gill is a qualified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer who can design and guide you through a pilates program to help get you moving again.

Alongside her usual Osteopathic hands-on treatments she incorporates pilates and gym based exercise into her sessions to ensure long-lasting relief from both acute and chronic injuries.

She is now providing Clinical Pilates sessions at our Oakleigh clinic.  It’s always one-on-one, tailored specifically to your injury history, and can be adjusted to suit any age and physical condition. 

Clinical Pilates is a great way to restore confidence after musculoskeletal injury, a gentle method of building strength and mobility without impact, and can be readily progressed into more challenging stability exercises as your capacity improves.

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