Frequently Asked Questions

Never been to an Osteopath before? What should I expect? Discover our FAQ’s below, so you can be fully prepared for your time with us. 

No – You do not need a referral to see an Osteopath. Sometimes we receive referrals from GP’s and other health professionals, but anyone can make an appointment to see us.

Usually not – our aim is to fix pain, not cause pain! Some complaints will be tender to work on, but we don’t subscribe to no pain = no gain. We want you to feel things change, but we don’t need you writhing in pain whilst we do it.

Comfortable stretchy clothes than you can move freely in. 

Yes – We can refer for imaging such as xrays, MRI / CT etc if clinically indicated. We often liase with your GP to ensure the most appropriate testing and Medicare rebates are utilised.

An Initial Consultation costs $120, and Standard Consultation costs $97 (as of July 2023). Concession card holders receive a 10% discount. If you have private health insurance that covers Osteopathy, we can process your rebate on the spot. The exact health fund rebate depends on your particular fund and level of cover, but commonly covers between 20-60% of the consultation fee.

Yes – If you have been referred to us with a Care Plan from your GP you can book in with us. In order to keep treatment accessible some of our osteopaths will see you without any additional gap fee, making it fully rebated. 

When booking please let us know that you have a Care Plan or GP Referral.
Please note our busiest senior osteopaths are either unable to take on new patients with care plans, or if they do happen to have space then a gap payment will apply.


Yes – if you have an approved claim and a claim number we can bill directly to the insurer, with no out of pocket costs to yourself.

If ever you have any concerns at all, please contact us. We’ll be right with you to help.

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