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Chadstone Region Osteopathy has a team of osteopaths with a broad range of experience and skills, all exceptionally passionate about providing you the best possible outcome. Every Osteopath is different, and whilst it’s our differences that set us apart, the team at Chadstone Region Osteopathy are all trained to take a similar approach to your complaint – 

We will listen carefully, work out what’s going on, and work with you to develop a plan of treatment and rehabilitation that ensures your outcomes exceed expectations.

Read more about our Osteopaths below to see who will suit your needs best.

Our Osteopaths

Claire Richardson Osteopath
Dr Claire Richardson
Shaun Richardson Osteopath
Dr Shaun Richardson
Matthew Goulas Osteopath
Dr Matthew Goulas
Caitlin Gill Osteopath in Oakleigh and Carnegie
Dr Caitlin Gill
Eliza Clark Osteopath in Carnegie and Oakleigh
Dr Eliza Clark
Mackenzie Bird Osteopath in Carnegie and Oakleigh
Dr Mackenzie Bird
Dr Ainslie Morris Osteopath
Dr Ainslie Morris

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Sophie - Trainee

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

Shaun takes pride in helping all people achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. Shaun enjoys helping his patients to go about their lives without being hindered by pain or stiffness – “carefree effortless movement” is the goal! Shaun’s had over a decade of honing his hands-on skills to help provide relief, and is incredibly passionate about empowering people to take control of their own health.

He’s studied numerous courses since entering practice, notably in the areas of dry needling, functional training and exercise rehabilitation. His wife and fellow Osteopath Claire keeps him educated on chronic pain conditions, and he is very well read on the mechanics of movement.

Shaun fitted out our rehab gym in Oakleigh with all the tools required to ensure he can customise exercises to suit all ages and conditions – he loves finding and fixing problems, the more challenging the better. He always allows the time to test, discuss, and work with a patient to tailor the right approach for them.

Shaun treats a wide variety of ages and physical capabilities. He enjoys the diversity of developing a treatment plan and exercises to suit people's occupational demands, sport specific requirements and leisure activities. He cares for weekend warriors, couch potatoes, elite sportspeople, musicians, tradies, parents, circus acrobats, desk workers and dancers alike - diversity is fun!

Shaun holds a Clinical Pilates certification, enhancing his skills in integrating Pilates-based exercises into therapeutic and rehabilitation settings. This certification allows Shaun to provide comprehensive, evidence-based care tailored to each patient's needs.
When Shaun’s not focused on work he enjoys playing basketball with mates (trying not to get injured), running around with his young daughter, or if time allows getting away camping.

Talk to me about:
- Hilarious things toddlers do
- Monty Python
- Sport of any kind
- Camping & Travel

Please note: Shaun charges a GAP fee for Care plan appointments.

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

Caitie is passionate about enabling her patients to get back to those things they love by helping them move better and feel stronger. Whether her patient is a desk worker wanting an escape from back or neck pain, a weekend warrior wanting to prepare before going for that half marathon PB, a pregnant mum-to-be or a home renovator who rolled their ankle trying to build that deck they've been promising their partner for the last 3 years, she provides each patient with a tailored treatment approach to enable them to achieve their goals.

Caitie incorporates hands-on manual therapy alongside education, home management advice and exercises prescription to ensure a well rounded and comprehensive approach, and adjusts the treatment and management plan depending on an individual's presentation and comfort level. Along with her Masters of Osteopathy degree from Victoria University, Caitie has completed a certificate in personal training and Clinical Pilates as well as courses on chronic pain, tendinopathy treatment and management, pregnancy and post-natal care, and sports injury management. Caitie particularly enjoys assisting patients experiencing pregnancy related discomfort, athletes returning from injury or patients with chronic neck or back pain.

In her free time, you can often find her with her headphones on, listening to a book while she tends to her huge (and ever-expanding) collection of indoor and outdoor plants. If she's not there, she will be playing in the yard with her scruffy dog Picnic and her 3-legged dog Pogo, or travelling to her childhood home, a farm in the Snowy Mountains with her dogs and partner Luke in tow.

Talk to me about:
- Dogs
- Wine
- Worldly travels
- Dogs
- Growing up in the country
- Marvel
- Did I mention dogs?

Please note: Caitlin charges a GAP fee for Care plan appointments.

Bachelor of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Eliza joins Chadstone Region Osteopathy after working in the Cranbourne area for the last few years. We are unbelievably excited to have landed her talents!

Eliza is a passionate and caring osteopath that loves working together and educating her patients about their conditions. She aims to make sure all patients feel supported to reach their goals of either pain reduction, improving range of motion, strength and stability.

Eliza treats a wide range of conditions, though has a special interest in chronic back pain, headaches/migraines and sports injuries. To aid in this, she has completed further studies in dry needling, cupping and tendinopathy treatment and management.

Eliza’s interest in osteopathy began after suffering multiple injuries whilst playing representative netball. This showed her the importance of rehabilitation and why it is necessary to prevent other conditions from occurring. During her studies, Eliza worked at Manningham Cobras Football Club as a sports trainer. This experience provided her with valuable knowledge in treating and managing acute injuries with hands on therapy and rehabilitation advice.

In her free time, you can often find Eliza exploring regions of Victoria for waterfalls and forest walks. When she isn’t wandering around Victoria, she’s at home cuddling her Cavoodle Lola and Ragdoll Henry whilst watching movies and tv shows.

Chat to me about:
- Dogs or cats
- Best day trips around Victoria or camping spots
- Movies or TV shows
- Food
- Mental health

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)
Professional Certificate of Pain Sciences

Claire is an experienced osteopath who enjoys assisting patients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Claire’s clinical interest lies in the treatment and prevention of persistent pain.

Claire became interested in helping people suffering from persistent, or chronic pain, early in her career, and pursued several professional development courses in the field. This lead to her undertaking a postgraduate qualification - a Professional Certificate in Pain Sciences through the University of South Australia, in 2018. Claire has since been awarded the title of "Advanced Practice Pain Management Osteopath" from Osteopathy Australia. Claire also enjoys assisting pregnant patients reduce the discomfort of pregnancy and remain active and mobile throughout. Claire has two children herself, and understands firsthand the demands that pregnancy places on a person's body.

Claire utilises a wide variety of manual treatment interventions, alongside exercise and neurological rehabilitation to get the best results for her patients. Claire also advises on lifestyle factors leading to the development or maintenance of pain, and is a qualified ergonomic assessor. Claire is passionate about helping patients understand their pain, even in cases where the cause seems ambiguous or mystifying.

Claire continues to upgrade her skills in many areas. Some of the further study she has undertaken includes: Pain education, Pelvic pain and pregnancy related pain diagnosis and treatment, Ergonomics for Desk based workers, Dry Needling, Management of Tendon injuries, Biomechanical Assessment of Athletes, Functional Movement and Movement based treatment and rehabilitation, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Claire has been active in the media, and on behalf of Osteopathy Australia, has written blogs and commentary on many topics surrounding musculoskeletal health. See our Blog and Media section for more info.

Claire and Shaun also enjoy presenting seminars to groups of interested parties (such as gym trainers or clients), on topics such as pain, assessment and function. Please contact Chadstone Region Osteopathy if you would like to enquire about organising a seminar.

When not in the clinic, Claire enjoys spending time with her family, Husband Shaun and 2 young daughters, Sophie and Lucy. Or alternatively, escaping the chaos and retreating to the kitchen to cook something delicious.

Talk to me about:
- Your holiday plans (I love to live vicariously!)
- Your favourite recipes
- Any nerdy science tidbits you know
- Your favourite art.

Please note: Claire charges a GAP fee for Care plan appointments.

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)
Masters of High Performance Sport
Strength & Conditioning Coach (Level 1 ASCA)

Matt is a compassionate and friendly practitioner who enjoys helping people feel good and remain active, no matter their age or lifestyle.

Matt understands that everyone is different which is why he seeks to tailor the treatment for the person. He enjoys treating a wide range of conditions with a combination of hands-on therapy and active rehabilitation exercises. He is passionate about keeping people exercising and whether it’s reclaiming your ability to lift weights in the gym or being able to go for a leisurely walk he is able to assist.

Matt has a broad base of experience, ranging from coaching and rehabilitating athletes, to working with seniors as part of his Osteopathic role in aged care.

Having suffered injuries while playing football, athletics and golf as a junior he has a particular interest in sporting injuries which has led him to complete an additional Masters of High Performance Sport as well as being a Strength and Conditioning intern at the Coburg Lions Football Club and Head of medical and rehabilitation coach at Southern United Football Club.

When Matt isn’t in clinic, he enjoys trying the local cafes, having a game of golf with mates or cheering on the Magpies at the footy.

Talk to me about:
- Sports (especially footy, soccer and golf)
- Local cafes, restaurants, and bars
- Overseas travels
- Your favourite TV series

Bachelor of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Mackenzie is a passionate and empathetic practitioner that recognises the significance of maintaining a joyful and healthy lifestyle. He brings with him a love of helping people from all walks of life in their journey towards better health. He takes great joy in assisting people in returning to their beloved activities, whether it's sports, work, or quality time with family. Mackenzie embraces the holistic approach of osteopathy, providing equitable care to all patients. He places a strong emphasis on patient education, rehabilitation, and the prevention of future injuries.

Growing up with a sporting background, he discovered his passion for fitness and helping people, paving the way for a career in osteopathy. Throughout his academic journey, he completed a Sports Academy Clinical Internship at RMIT, gaining valuable experience in treating both acute and chronic sports injuries.

Mackenzie’s approach to treatment is thinking holistically to explain the cause and effect of your dysfunction, as well as considering the multifaceted mechanisms related to pain beliefs, tissue damage, and exercise rehab. He utilises hands-on techniques such as massage, stretching, and joint manipulation, complemented by a focus on addressing lifestyle factors like sleep, recovery, and stress to ensure long-lasting results. He extends his osteopathic expertise to all patients, particularly those dealing with back, knee, and ankle pain.

Outside the clinic, Mackenzie indulges his passion for food through cooking and dining at restaurants. To maintain balance in his life, he enjoys sailing, engaging in functional training, and attempting to hit a pesky white ball around a golf course..

Talk to me about:
- Sports (any sport other than baseball)
- Food (cooking or your favourite restaurants)
- Trivia facts
- Music and podcasts

Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

Ainslie is a caring Osteopath that loves to help all different types of people get back to feeling their best with a comprehensive management plan including education, soft tissue, articulation, manipulation, gentle stretching and pain management. She believes in an individualised approach to a patients recovery, which she endeavours to give all her patients.

With Ainslie's background in sports training at multiple local football clubs, she is well versed in keeping you on the field while altering a rehabilitation or conditioning program that suits the individual.

Ainslie has undertaken further education for the treatment of Concussion, Sporting Injuries, Chronic pain, Dry needling and Sports Therapy.
Ainslie has experience in treating a lot of different conditions but she has a passion to treat:
- Concussions
- Sports injuries
- Postural conditions
- Stress related conditions, and
- Women's health problems.

Although getting patients moving is very important, she knows it is hard to do, therefore she is passionate about finding lifestyle changes to help someone manage their pain.
As well as keeping you on the field, Ainslie likes to keep all patients active in their own way, whether it be a 5 minute stretch routine during work or a hour long workout at the gym.
If not at work Ainslie will be out walking her dog, taking landscape photos, having a coffee, reading a book or having a drink with friends.

You can talk to me about:
- Sport
- Books
- Wine and/or Gin
- Dogs
- Travel and travel photography

Registered with AHPRA

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