Mackenzie Bird
(Registered Osteopath)

Bachelor of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Mackenzie is a passionate and empathetic practitioner that recognises the significance of maintaining a joyful and healthy lifestyle. He brings with him a love of helping people from all walks of life in their journey towards better health. He takes great joy in assisting people in returning to their beloved activities, whether it’s sports, work, or quality time with family. Mackenzie embraces the holistic approach of osteopathy, providing equitable care to all patients. He places a strong emphasis on patient education, rehabilitation, and the prevention of future injuries.

Growing up with a sporting background, he discovered his passion for fitness and helping people, paving the way for a career in osteopathy. Throughout his academic journey, he completed a Sports Academy Clinical Internship at RMIT, gaining valuable experience in treating both acute and chronic sports injuries.

Mackenzie’s approach to treatment is thinking holistically to explain the cause and effect of your dysfunction, as well as considering the multifaceted mechanisms related to pain beliefs, tissue damage, and exercise rehab. He utilises hands-on techniques such as massage, stretching, and joint manipulation, complemented by a focus on addressing lifestyle factors like sleep, recovery, and stress to ensure long-lasting results. He extends his osteopathic expertise to all patients, particularly those dealing with back, knee, and ankle pain.

Outside the clinic, Mackenzie indulges his passion for food through cooking and dining at restaurants. To maintain balance in his life, he enjoys sailing, engaging in functional training, and attempting to hit a pesky white ball around a golf course.

Chat to me about:
– Sports (any sport other than baseball)
– Food (cooking or your favourite restaurants)
– Trivia facts
– Music and podcasts

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Registered with AHPRA

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