What is Clinical Pilates?

What is Clinical Pilates and how can it help me?

Pilates is a set of exercises originally invented by physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. The Pilates repertoire has changed over time, and the updated modernised set of exercises have become popular in class settings for their focus on building strength and balance in a supported environment.


Rather than group classes conducted on the mat, clinical Pilates at Chadstone Region Osteo is held in 1:1 or small group sessions with Shaun or Caitie. Your program is specifically prescribed and tailored to you based on your initial physical assessment and medical history. Your practitioner will supervise and dynamically edit your program during your appointment, to ensure maximum individulisation of your program based on your ability and goals.


Our practitioners utilise a pilates reformer to ensure your exercises are provided at the correct resistance and challenge for you to feel supported, but also to achieve your therapeutic goals. This approach can also be helpful for people with chronic pain or returning to exercise after illness.

Which of our Practitioners offer Clinical Pilates?


Caitlin is a qualified Osteopath, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Alongside her usual Osteopathic hands-on treatments she incorporates reformer pilates and gym based exercise into consultations to ensure long-lasting relief from both acute and chronic injuries.

She enjoys providing 1-1 Clinical Pilates, where she can tailor the intensity of the exercise and specifically target areas of concern whilst minimising the risk of flare-ups. She particularly enjoys working with pre and post natal women, as well as those requiring rehabilitation from injury.


Shaun, an Osteopath with over a decade of experience, is director of Chadstone Region Osteopathy. Shaun has always been interested in how best to optimise his patient’s function with movement and exercise tailored to their specific needs. Shaun has undertaken further study in many rehabilitation approaches, and finds pilates a particularly useful and versatile approach for many patients, including patients with hypermobility or chronic pain, but also as a way of providing a challenging strength and balance work-out, which can improve athletic performance for sporty high achievers!