Our Osteopaths treat Sports Injuries

Our Osteopaths are experienced in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. We have practitioners with extra training and experience in the management of sport related complaints. 

We provide treatment for symptomatic relief, support and stabilisation, alongside exercise rehabilitation, movement re-training plus strength and conditioning to make sure you understand your sports injury and how to prevent recurrence.

During your first consultation your Osteopath will assess your sport injury to diagnose your problem, then provide a combination of hands-on treatment, exercise rehabilitation and management advice tailored to you.

If you have a sporting injury such as a muscle strain or tear, joint or ligament sprain, cartilage or bony stress injury our Osteopaths in Oakleigh, Carnegie and Hartwell can help.

Do you have a sporting injury?

Want to know if our Osteopaths can help?
Feel free to give us a call and ask! We’re always happy to take your call and provide you as much information as possible so you can be sure we’re the right place for you. 
No obligations, just a chat directly with one of our Osteopaths, at a time of your selection. 

Sporting Injuries – what can be done about them?

We treat a huge variety of sports injuries, from mild sprains and strains, tears, contusions (“corkies”) through to dislocations and reconstructions.

Generally our approach is to stabilise and support the injured area, and begin to initiate movement as early as tolerated to try and maintain circulation, neural function and encourage tissue repair.

Sometimes we need to tape or brace an area, or apply hands-on treatment to help reduce pain, minimise swelling and maximise function.

Once we have restored appropriate movement to the area our Osteopaths can guide you through the necessary balance, mobility, strengthening and conditioning exercises to ensure a safe return to sport.

Sports injuries are extremely common

If you haven’t hurt yourself playing sport yet, you’re either very lucky or not trying hard enough!

Our Osteopaths can diagnose the injury, and figure out the best way to manage it so that you recover better and stronger than you were before it all went wrong.


We commonly treat sports injuries such as ankle and knee sprains, meniscal injuries, ligament tears, muscle strains and tears, rib and spinal injuries, shoulder and clavicle injuries, and many many more!

So if you’ve had a sporting injury and want to get it sorted, let us help restore your mobility, reduce your pain and get you back to effortless movement.

I’ve had this problem for ages – “nothing seems to fix it!”

This is where the fresh approach of Chadstone Region Osteopathy can help. 

We use evidence based interventions and a structured approach tailored specifically to you – we identify what you can and can’t do, as well as discuss where you would like to get to. Then we show you the pathway, and work with you to help you get there as quickly as possible. 

We all need help sometimes. Our Osteopaths can provide you symptomatic relief with our hands, guide you through the rehabilitation process and ensure that you end up being able to do all the things you want to be doing. 

And if we can’t, we’ll make sure we provide referrals to our team of other allied health practitioners, GP’s and specialists that we work closely with! 

Read our blog on sports injuries and their management

Still want to know more about what’s going on with your sports injury and what we do about it? Our osteopaths have written a bit more about treatment and management of sports injuries below.

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