Liam Harper (Registered Osteopath)


Bachelor of Science (Clinical.Sci)
Masters of Health Science (Osteo)

Liam is a passionate Osteopath with a zest for life and a strong drive to make a positive impact on people’s well-being. Liam’s journey in the world of Osteopathy began with a deep-rooted love for sports and a desire to help others recover from injuries and achieve their optimal physical potential.

From a young age, Liam was actively involved in various sports, playing and competing in everything from soccer and basketball to tennis and football. This unwavering enthusiasm for sports fuelled the decision to pursue a career in Osteopathy, where Liam could combine two of life’s greatest passions – sports and helping people.

During his studies, Liam worked as a sports trainer for Ivanhoe Football Club, which provided valuable experience in treating and managing acute injuries and general ‘niggles; throughout a season.

For Liam, health and well-being are not just professional pursuits; they are a way of life. Beyond the clinic, Liam advocates for a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses physical activity, mental health, and balanced nutrition.

In Liam’s free time, you’ll often catch him on the sports field, either participating in a friendly game or passionately cheering on his favourite teams. The excitement and camaraderie of sports fuel Liam’s spirit and serve as a reminder of the power of teamwork and dedication in both life and the world of Osteopathy.

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Dr Liam Harper (Osteopath)

Registered with AHPRA

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