Ainslie Morris (Registered Osteopath)

B.Sci (Clin.Sci) M.H.S (Osteo)

Ainslie is a caring Osteopath that loves to help all different types of people get back to feeling their best with a comprehensive management plan including education, soft tissue, articulation, manipulation, gentle stretching and pain management. She believes in an individualised approach to a patients recovery, which she endeavours to give all her patients.

With Ainslie's background in sports training at multiple local football clubs, she is well versed in keeping you on the field while altering a rehabilitation or conditioning program that suits the individual. As well as keeping you on the field, Ainslie likes to keep all patients active in their own way, whether it be a 5 minute stretch routine during work or a hour long workout at the gym.

Ainslie has experience in treating a lot of different conditions but she has a passion to treat concussions, sports injuries, postural conditions, stress related conditions and women's health problems. Although getting patients moving is very important, she knows it is hard to do, therefore she is passionate about finding lifestyle changes to help someone manage their pain.

To aid her patients and her own research, Ainslie has done extra courses in concussions, sporting injuries, chronic pain, dry needling and sports therapy.

If not at work Ainslie will be out walking her dog, taking landscape photos, having a coffee, reading a book or having a drink with friends.

You can talk to me about:
-Wine and/or Gin
-Travel and travel photography

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Registered with AHPRA

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