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Chadstone Region Osteo is a family-run clinic with locations in Carnegie, Camberwell and Oakleigh

Husband and wife Osteopaths Claire and Shaun Richardson have been providing care for the Chadstone region since 2015. Over the years our team has grown, and we are now available 6 days a week in Carnegie, 4 days a week in Camberwell, and 6 days a week in Oakleigh.

Chadstone Region Osteo Clinic – Carnegie location

Carnegie Osteopathy is located at 162 Koornang Rd, Carnegie. We are walking distance from Carnegie train station and the last stop of the #67 tram. There is ample on street car parking along Koornang Rd, in front of the clinic.


Chadstone Region Osteo Clinic – Camberwell location

Our Camberwell Osteo Clinic is located within The Health and Wellbeing Studio, in Hartwell shops (not far from both Burwood and Hartwell train station). The #75 Tram stops out the front, and there is plenty of car parking available at the back of the clinic in the car park opposite Leo’s supermarket.

Chadstone Region Osteo Clinic – Oakleigh location

Our Oakleigh Osteo Clinic is located within Oakleigh Family Medical Centre, on the corner of Atherton Rd and Atkinson St.

Our Osteopaths LOVE being able to offer solutions to all kinds of musculoskeletal complaints. We do this through not just manual therapy techniques, but also exercise rehabilitation, movement retraining, pain education, postural corrections etc.

We treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.
Our approach offers a long-term solution to pain or impaired movement.

Evidence shows that this will provide you with the best possible long term outcomes, based on best-practice current medical science. The old approach of “rub and crack and keep coming back” is NOT something we subscribe to at Chadstone Region Osteopathy – there are no treatment plans, up front package payment plans, or anything else that would engender more consultations than neccessary!

Chronic pain complaints are a real challenge. We really enjoy seeing people that have been through other treatment approaches which may not have been effective. Our version of Osteopathy is very logical, and may just offer a fresh insight into some of the reasons pain doesn’t just go away..

Contact us at any time with any questions you may have regarding our approach, or whether your issues may be amenable to osteopathic treatment.

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