Osteo Treatment for Concussions

Concussion can lead to widely varied symptoms, and is very individual. As such we take an individualised approach to assessment, management and treatment of your concussion.

Hands-on treatment techniques directed at the head and neck can help with promoting circulation, calming the nervous system and relieving some symptoms.

It’s important to listen to your osteopath’s advice around minimising sensory stimulation in the immediate aftermath of a concussion. Scrolling webpages endlessly is generally not recommended, so give us a call!

During your first consultation your Osteopath will assess the head, neck and upper back to ensure all components of your injury are addressed (it’s not just the brain injury, but the neck and upper back that all cop some of that impact force). We will then provide a combination of hands-on treatment, exercise rehabilitation and management advice tailored to you.

If you’re suffering from concussion, our Osteopaths are here to help you understand your complaint, and your options to manage or resolve your symptoms.

Have you had a concussion?

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Feel free to give us a call and ask! We’re always happy to take your call and provide you as much information as possible so you can be sure we’re the right place for you. 
No obligations, just a chat directly with one of our Osteopaths, at a time of your selection. 

Dr Ainslie Morris is our resident concussion guru, and we recommend her to all patients suffering concussion symptoms.

Concussion – what can be done about it?

In the initial phase, close monitoring of symptoms is required. This is why you’re advised not to sleep for 8 hours after a concussion, to ensure that symptoms are not worsening. It is also advisable not to eat or drink anything in case you do require a trip to hospital. 

Your Osteopath can guide you through how to manage sensory stimuli so as not to exacerbate or prolong symptoms.

Hands-on treatment is also helpful, especially to the surrounding tissues like the neck muscles and joints. If you’ve had a knock big enough to cause concussion it’s not just the brain that’s going to be affected.

Concussion can be scary, but good management makes a huge difference

Our Osteopath Dr Ainslie Morris has been a sports trainer for many years, and has seen countless concussions on the footy field. She can support you right from the moment of impact through to return to sport.

We can also guide you through strengthening and conditioning to help make you more resilient and robust, as well as neurological retraining exercises to ensure full and safe return to maximum capacity.

“I don’t need to worry about Concussions – It’ll just sort itself out”

We know so much more about both the short and long term effects of concussion now, and dismissing it can have dire consequences.

Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring it and assuming it will be fine, it’s always sensible to take as much (if not more!) care of your brain as you would with any other injured body part. 

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Still want to know more about concussion treatment / management and what we do about it? Our osteopath Dr Ainslie Morris has written more about treatment for concussions at our blog below.

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